Sons Cacao
Sons Cacao
Sons Cacao

Sons Cacao

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 Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Origin: Archidona, Ecuador

Elevation: 1893'

Varietal: Ariba Nacionál aka Fino de Aróma

Sourced Directly From Small Scale Farmers

Biodynamic: (beyond fair-trade), Organic, ethically sourced, and is nutrient-rich

Invitation: This Medicine begins to work on you the moment you become curious. Use this invitation to connect with the ancient Meso-American lineage as you ask permission to Mama Cacao and all of those who have come before to pave the way. Connect to the Heart of the Sky, the Heart of the Land, and the Heart of your Body with humility and respect and ask permission to give your gifts. This Medicine is traditionally associated with the Feminine aspect, so feel into your ability to feel, to nurture, to Love first.

This pure Ecuadorian Medicine has many gifts to give if you are willing to offer yourself. Offer prayers to your family and loved ones, offer your Service to those who you know need it, offer the contents of your Heart to those who are present, offer some of your Cacao back to the Earth as that may be the sweetest gift of all. However this looks for you and your loved ones, listen to the Heart and allow it to guide.

10-15 g. for a daily dose, 30-40 g for Ceremonial dose (which is the equivalent to the amount of beans in one fresh pod)

Connect with your previous intention/prayer, speak aloud what wants to be spoken, then inhale, sip, exhale and watch your prayers float up to the ether where all things are possible. 


Possible additions to brew:

- Teaspoon of local honey per cup of cacao.

- A dash of quality cinnamon - activation and companion flavor.

- Pinch of quality Sea Salt - flavor enhancement and mineral content.

- Chile oil - activate nervous system

- You can also play with nut milks, other pure sweeteners and spices. 

~~~ Follow your Heart into this Mother and Child reunion ~~~

Sons Cacao